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FAQs Treatment & Covid-19

As a medical care facility specialising in gum treatment and dental implants we remain OPEN for consultations & treatments.

We utilise strict cross-infection control protocols, adhere to guidelines from our regulatory bodies & implement a series of additional safety measures to keep you & our staff safe.

Please see our FAQs & COVID-19 and Your walk through our clinic for more information.

Your frequently asked questions to us on your gum disease, gum recession, consultations, online-consultations, gum & implant treatment in a world with COVID-19.

Can I make an appointment without being referred?

Yes. Please call reception to arrange a consultation. Even if you have gums that bleed occasionally this can be a sign of serious underlying gum disease. Gum disease can be difficult to treat effectively. That’s why we would encourage you to see us to get it checked and treated.

Where can I find a brief outline of what to expect during my visit?

Please see the info-graphic on our website: ‘Your walk-through’ our clinic'.

What happens when I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, wait in the car park and we’ll let you know when to enter reception where we’ll greet you with a welcoming smile behind our masks!

What questions will you be asking about my COVID-19 screening?

You will be asked screening questions to confirm you do not have the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please complete the form we send you by email and return as soon as possible otherwise we may have to postpone your appointment. We will ask if you have any of the following:

  • do you have cold or flu-like symptoms now or over the last 14 days
    • a high temperature
    • loss of taste or smell
    • new or persistent cough
    • headache or difficulty breathing
  • have you been in contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • have you travelled abroad in last 14 days
  • are you in the vulnerable or shielding group

I need treatment but I have had contact with a symptomatic COVID-19 person in the last 2 weeks. What shall I do?

Please call the practice and do not come into the practice. We will need to re-book your appointment. If you have any concerns Dr King will call you

I am in the high-risk group or shielding category. What shall I do?

It is important tell us if you are in the high-risk group or shielding. We may need to postpone your visit and we may offer you a telephone or on-line discussion. Dr King or one of our clinicians can discuss any of your concerns. We can then make plans that will work best for you.

I don’t feel comfortable attending an appointment at this time. What shall I do?

Please tell us if you feel anxious about visiting our clinic. Dr King or one of our clinicians will discuss your concerns. We may offer you a telephone or on-line discussion. We can then make plans that will work best for you. If you still do not wish to see us then we completely understand.

Are your fees going to increase?

The extra costs (including PPE and implementing new guidelines such as fallow time) is considerable and not sustainable for our gum and implant treatments - up until now we have been pleased to have avoided any increase in fees. Unfortunately we cannot absorb these costs any further and we are putting a fee of £15 to our treatments (does not affect a Consultation fee). Sadly some Dental Practices still have not been able to reopen yet and some have closed permanently as the current measures mean it is not viable for them to open.

Why do I have to pay and book my next appointment over the phone before I attend?

This is a change from our previous practice policy but paying for consultations, treatment and sundries (tepes, toothbrush heads, prescription toothpaste, floss etc) over the phone will help to reduce traffic in the reception area.

What changes have you made in your clinic?

You may not see our smiling faces behind our masks but our warm and friendly team are here to help. The changes are there for your safety to maintain the highest standards of infection control and to reduce traffic flow in reception and other areas of our clinic. Steps we’re taking include:

  • asking you to wait in your car and calling reception when you arrive in our carpark
  • screens at reception
  • sanitising your hands as you enter
  • you will be asked to wear your mask while you are in our practice
  • please bring your mask with you but if you don’t have a mask we will provide one for you
  • taking your temperature with our hospital standard laser thermometer
  • no magazines in the waiting room
  • no tea or coffee or bottled water any more
  • wherever possible please pay in advance for your appointment over the phone

How are you making your treatment safe for me?

Before treatment we put on high-level PPE (personal protective equipment). We have hospital standard air-filtration units specially designed for dentistry to remove aerosols and purify the air. We’re using a powerful disinfectant called hypochlorous solution that is non-toxic but proven to be extremely effective against viruses.

What PPE will you be using?

When we see you for a consultation, we wear fluid resistant surgical masks (Type IIR). For gum or implant treatment involving ultrasonic instrumentation or drilling (called an aerosol generating procedure AGP) we will use full high-level PPE including FFP3 respirator mask, goggles, visor, full head/neck cap, second surgical mask, gloves and full-length gown covering arms.

Will your FFP3 masks be fit tested?

Yes, Dr King is a qualified fit tester and he has fit tested the FFP3 respirator masks on all our clinicians and nurses. Fit tested masks FFP3 masks are essential for all our AGP (aerosol) treatments.

Will I have to sit with lots of people in the waiting room?

No and that’s why we recommend you arrive 10 min before your appointment. Please drive into our carpark, call reception and wait in your car before being called in, thank you.

Can I bring someone with me for my consultation?

Yes, it is possible for you to be accompanied into the consultation room. Please let reception know when booking your consultation as your companion will have to be COVID-19 triaged and not in the high-risk or shielding group. They will need to bring their mask. If you haven’t told us but decide on the day of your appointment that you want to be accompanied then this won’t be possible.

Can I bring someone with me into the clinic room for support when I’m having treatment?

Sorry this is not possible. When you have a treatment session with one of our clinicians, we recommend those who come with you remain in your car.

I have gum recession affecting my front teeth? Is it possible for me to have an on-line preliminary consultation?

You may be worried about gum recession (often localised to one or two teeth). If you feel you have good gum health (or have been told this by your dentist), you may be suitable for an on-line preliminary consultation. Our treatment plan co-ordinator will discuss whether this is possible.

So what does a preliminary on-line consultation for my gum recession involve?

This is a short discussion with Dr King while you are on your computer at home. We answer your questions and whether your gum recession is suitable to be treated with a gum graft. Prior to any treatment, you would still need a consultation visit to our clinic for a full mouth assessment. We’ll need to check you don’t have any gum disease. Even mild disease, if untreated could make your recession worse or affect your gum grafting treatment with us. As there are many different types of gum graft procedures and techniques, we need to decide which is the best one for you.

My dentist has told me I have gum disease, so can I have an on-line consultation instead of coming to the clinic?

We would still need to see you anyway as we couldn’t get all the information from an on-line preliminary consultation. Without an examination it is not possible to determine your disease severity, extent, complexity of management, rate of progression and risk factors. Using our expertise and experience we can confidently discuss the best treatment option for you. If you have been referred, we would send a report to your dentist.

My dentist has done a gum assessment already and my records can be sent to your clinic. So why can’t I have an on-line consultation?

Although the information we receive from your dentist can be helpful, it is only part of the whole picture about your gum condition. Unfortunately, an on-line consultation wouldn’t allow Dr King to be able to do a full examination of your mouth to make sure nothing is overlooked.

What information does Dr King gather at my consultation appointment?

Dr King needs to see you to find out the number, distribution and degree of teeth with breakdown. He identifies the level of loss of tooth supporting structures around each tooth measured by clinical attachment loss, radiographic bone loss, periodontal pocketing, extent and current inflammatory activity. He evaluates the factors affecting complexity of management that include types of bone loss, furcation involvement, mobility, occlusion and functional demands on remaining teeth as a result of missing teeth. He obtains direct and indirect evidence to determine whether your rate of disease progression and recurrence is mild, moderate or severe. Finally, he considers the risk factors such as systemic influences and compliance as they will have a bearing on treatment planning. Using his expertise and experience, he recommends the best treatment option.

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