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Treatment for bone loss around teeth

What is periodontal regeneration?

Periodontal regeneration is a method of treatment to get bone to grow back again around a tooth after bone & ligament loss caused by gum disease. It is particularly successful for some types of bone cavities. The main aim is to restore the tooth to its original state before the damage occurred. The treatment also increases the life expectancy of the tooth.

What types of bone loss are there?

There two types of bone loss:

  • vertical bone loss when cavities have developed around one or two teeth, resulting in cone shaped hollows along the roots of the teeth. In some cases, bone can be re-grown, only with periodontal regeneration techniques
  • horizontal bone loss along a line of teeth, affecting all of them. In this case, bone re-growth is not possible, so the purpose of treatment is to prevent further bone loss.

Vertical Bone Loss

Horizontal Bone Loss

After Regeneration

What does periodontal regeneration treatment involve?

A non-surgical phase of gum treatment is needed first, to ensure that the infection is treated and stabilised. As with all gum treatment, good plaque control is also essential. After this, we numb the gums and gently lift them back, to clean the root surfaces carefully and apply a regeneration gel. The gel contains proteins that help to kick start the healing process. Careful surgical techniques are used to encourage the best healing.

Before and after bone regeneration

Bone regeneration


Bone regeneration treatment
(Stable after 12 years post treatment )

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