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Treatment fees


Including written report to you and your dentist
You can refer yourself and recommend others
Radiographs (xrays) - Panoramic £75
Specialized 3-Dimensional bone scan called Cone Beam CT (CBCT) £155

Specialist periodontal, peri-implant & implant treatment

Stop bleeding gums, save your teeth & return you to gum health.
Our clinic is equipped with an operating microscope using microsurgical techniques in nonsurgical & surgical periodontal, and implant treatment to improve clinical outcomes.

Nonsurgical treatment

Early / advanced / localized / generalised disease

£ 260 to £1760

Surgical treatment

Pocket elimination

£ 765

Regeneration Regrow bone around teeth

£ 965

Crown lengthening procedure individually assessed


Gum recession & Gummy smile

Gum graft to treat gum recession

from £ 895

Treatment of the gummy smile (individually assessed)

from £ 450

Gum veneer

Replacement of lost gum for a confident smile

£ 1450

Bite splint (Michigan)

Specially designed to help prevent gum recession, tooth mobility, wear & tooth loss

£ 675

Supportive gum treatment (SPT)

One hour appointment in specialist clinic with our skilled hygienist providing the tailored expert care necessary for treating & maintaining gum health


Dental implant

Fixed replacement of a lost tooth

Before implant treatment we will ensure you have gum health (essential to have gum health around all your remaining teeth) otherwise you increase the risk of complications & jeopardising your gum and bone support around your implant.

Single tooth Implant + crown on top

from £ 2500


Helping you to relax during treatment. Administered by our qualified sedationist

from £ 250

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