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Specialist periodontal care in in the South-West

  • Our goal is to stop bleeding gums, save your teeth & return you to gum health.
  • We provide optimal care using evidence based periodontal (gum) and dental implant treatment with the highest standards of safety and sterilization.
  • Equipped with an operating microscope using microsurgical techniques in non-surgical & surgical periodontal, and implant treatment to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Our state-of-the-art low dose 3-D CT scanner (aptly called the 'Green CT') gives important diagnostic information in implant or periodontal (gum) treatment planning.

Our clinic

We are one of the leading specialist periodontal practices (gum clinic) in the UK with our service limited to the specialist field of periodontics: treatment of gum diseases, treatment of gum recession and replacing lost teeth with dental implants.

  • Our aim is to save your teeth even when you or your dentist may think it is not possible.
  • Our focus is to stop bleeding gums, saving teeth and eliminating infections around implants (also called peri-implantitis).

We provide exceptional follow up care (after we have returned you to gum health) because clinical studies confirm that the quality of follow up care is the key factor in saving your teeth over the long term.

  • We do this with our specialist supportive periodontal treatment (SPT) programme that is tailored for you.

Dental implants & gum health

When implant dentistry is required, gum health around all teeth is our first priority

  • If gum disease is not successfully treated, you risk jeopardising your implant treatment.
  • We specialise in implant treatment for patients with a previous history of periodontal disease.  
  • When implant dentists refer periodontal patients prior to their implant treatment, we restore the patient to gum health and we will always refer back for their implant treatment.
  • Dr King has formulated a specialised treatment protocol for people who are prone to gum disease (the periodontally-susceptible patient) to reduce their risk of developing implant complications and jeopardising their implant treatment.

Anyone can see us

Anyone can see us: you can refer yourself - just call or ask your dentist to refer you!

If you have a dentist we would still like to let them know we have seen you as this is important for your overall dental care.

  • We have over 500 referring dentists in the South-West
  • We have a proven track record among our referring dentists that we provide the very best in periodontal treatment to bring your gum condition under control. 
  • Communication is important to us. We will discuss your case with you and provide you with a report. We have an excellent relationship with referring dentists and we send reports of our findings and proposed treatment.
  • We work in partnership with your referring dentist to ensure that our specialist care and treatment is right for you.

  • Dentists who refer to a periodontist show a strong commitment to ensuring the best possible patient care
  • We always encourage patients to return to their dentist for continuing general dental care after successful periodontal and implant treatment.
  • You do not need to fear being embarrassed or hurt either before or during any of our treatments. We have a very friendly team who will help you with all your enquiries.

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